(another PICO-8 game from me)


Z to start. Arrows move left/right. Z activates 'burn'.


This game was sitting untouched for a bit before I came back to finish it, but it's now 'decent' so worthy of putting up. Spooky timing as well.

Simply put you play as a giant, terrifying pumpkin which is guarding the neighbourhood from an influx of ghasts and protecting the kids.

Use your candle to burn these ghasts with Z. But beware burning the kids! Burning ghasts returns some candle power, but burning kids takes it away.

Lexaloffle BBS thread: here.

#1GAM October 2017

Install instructions

The game should work great in the browser whether downloaded or not! Download the ZIP and put both files in the same folder, then double-click on 'pumpkin.html'. It should open like a normal webpage.

The binaries just need to be downloaded and unzipped on the correct kind of computer - they should work from the unzipped folder with no extra messing. I'm just using the built-in PICO-8 binary export, but please let me know if something is weird with them. It is a new enough feature.

If you have PICO-8 and want to check out the game's code/etc. or just play it in the 'real thing', download either pumpkin.p8 or pumpkin.p8.png to your pico-8/carts directory, then load from within the game with 'load pumpkin'.


pumpkin_html.zip 333 kB
pumpkin_linux.zip 459 kB
pumpkin_windows.zip 835 kB
pumpkin.app.zip 1,011 kB

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